What we do


Impact Law for Social Justice is a new kind of consultancy, launched in autumn 2018. 

We are a team of litigators, researchers, journalists and campaigners. We offer practical, tailored, advice to organisations on how to use the law, in combination with other key tools, for social justice. 

We run tailored workshops for individuals, organisations or groups of organisations. By combining our legal, campaigning and research skills with your sector expertise, we devise a bespoke and achievable strategic plan to take your campaign forward.

We offer coaching, mentoring, and leadership development to individuals and organisations who want to understand how to use the law for social change.

We can also act as consultants to individuals, organisations or groups of organisations in a more specialist way, providing focused support and guidance in areas where you may be under-resourced.

From our different backgrounds and perspectives, the four founding members of Impact Law for Social Justice have seen at first hand how litigation can be a powerful tool for change.

We also know that a court win on its own may not be enough to ensure changes are fully implemented or are long lasting: strategic litigation is most effective when it is fortified by other campaign elements.

Many individuals and NGOs may feel under-resourced or ill-equipped to mount a campaign built around strategic litigation. Our multi-disciplinary approach and vast network enables us to bring together a unique team of experts for each individual campaign.

Impact Law for Social Justice can work with you to identify whether and how to use the law in your campaign.

Impact’s framework for change

Impact’s framework for change

How we work

Impact has developed a unique and practical framework for change that can be adapted for use by any social justice campaign. The framework is broken down into complementary component parts (see graphic above) which can be used sequentially or in other combinations, depending on priorities and resources.

To date, between us, we have worked on campaigns which have resulted in:

  • Young migrants winning the right to take up hard-won places at university (Let us Learn, Young, Gifted and Blocked; evaluation by Dr Lisa Vanhala);

  • Stopping children from being held in police cells overnight (Just for Kids Law: No Child in Cells); 

  • Greater safeguards around strip searching children; 

  • Greater protections for arrested 17-year-olds (Just for Kids Law: Still a Child at 17; Kesia's Law);

  • Challenges to lifelong criminal records for children with police cautions (Just for Kids Law: Sense About Sexting).

Learn more about our approach to strategic litigation and campaigns in these three short animations (funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation):

What happens next

After initial contact with Impact Law for Social Justice, we will discuss with you in detail your key issues and campaign aims, and what stage your campaign has reached. Together, we decide which elements of Impact’s framework are most immediately relevant, and draw up an outline plan.  

This outline will enable us to develop and deliver a workshop (usually, one day or half day) built around your priorities. Following the workshop, we will produce a detailed campaign strategic plan based on conclusions reached during the workshop, that gives you a practical map for how you can take a campaign forward. 

We also offer specialised expert consultancy on an individual basis, which can run alongside, or act as an alternative to, an Impact workshop.

Our approach is pragmatic and responsive. We work flexibly to deliver powerful and cost-effective results which are focused on securing real and lasting change. Impact Law for Social Justice consultants can act individually or collectively, depending on what combination of skills and experience will be most useful.  


Impact Law for Social Justice has fixed rates which are certain and transparent from the outset. We charge a fixed rate for each workshop, which includes all preparatory work and post-workshop production of a strategic plan for going forward. 

Other consultancy services are charged at a daily rate.

We understand the financial constraints that campaigners work under and have significant experience of working with a range of trusts and foundations. We also have experience of running and advising on successful crowdfunding campaigns. If you are interested in our services and want to discuss potential funding options, do get in touch.