A team of lawyers, academics and journalists; we advise on using the law to bring about social change.


Impact Law for Social Justice is a consultancy which grew out of the work the Impact founders have done separately and collectively over many years: directly conducting strategic litigation; developing and running campaigns alongside litigation; researching the impact of the law on social justice.

It is thanks to the support from the Frederic Mulder Foundation, that we have been able to build on our experience (and the hard-learned lessons that went with it) to create a practical, flexible framework for strategic litigation that sectors, organisations or individuals can use to create change. 

We are also grateful to all the clients we have worked with: the courageous, tenacious organisations, individuals and families, who had far more at stake in each piece of strategic litigation than we did. 

Impact Law for Social Justice exists only thanks to the faith they showed in us as lawyers, researchers and campaigners. We hope that because of their trust, many more people will now be able to benefit from what we have learned.

Please contact us if you want to know more.

e: shauneen@impactsocialjustice.org
m: 07949939925

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