Consider achieving social change through the strategic use of law.


Civil society is struggling to meet the many challenges brought about by a rapidly changing world. It is hard to make progress to address the many injustices.  Civil society needs to be agile and constantly looking for new ways to advance their social justice goals.

We believe that law, if used strategically, could be one of those ways.

Our mission is to advise and work with organisations, communities and individuals on whether the law, in conjunction with other campaign tools, could bring lasting change in their sectors.

Our team of expert lawyers, academics and journalists brings a unique set of skills and experience. We offer specialist advice and tailored support, either as consultants or as advisers to social justice campaigns.

Our collective experiences has shown the law might not always be the answer but we can help you think that through. We can help you to scope potential issues, to plan what a campaign that includes the law might look like, to plan implementation of a decision, to learn from your own campaign, or others, for the next time.

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